Hem Böcker Champagne: 49 million bubbles in a bottle

Champagne: 49 million bubbles in a bottle

CHAMPAGNE the book for those who love bubbles and luxury champagne and want to know more about this mythical wine.

Fredrik Schelin, one of Sweden s leading champagne connoisseurs, takes you to the Champagne district in France and shares his extensive knowledge. What is it that makes champagne so special? And how should you choose which is for you?

WHAT IS CHAMPAGNE? Champagne s history, the champagne method, vintage champagne, other sparkling wines.

LIST – 100 TIPS 100 selected champagnes, 12 fantastic houses.

CHAMPAGNE AND FOOD What goes with champagne? Recipes and complementary flavours.

CHAMPAGNE THEN AND NOW Growing yesterday and today; traditional, organic, biodynamic.

VISIT CHAMPAGNE Sparkling reasons to travel to Champagne – hotels, restaurants and champagne houses that receive visits.

On BestChampagne.se is Fredrik Schelin s top list of 4000 champagnes.

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