Origins of the runes

The author is a retired engineer. With this background you might rather easily see the geometric character of the runic signs.


Since the dawn of Civilization the staff has been an emblem of authority and of magic power. Based on the staff the author constructs a set of geometric signs which might be used for the Ancient Egyptian Civil Calendar. The structure could be transformed into the shape of the classical labyrinth figure.


With possible connections to known historical facts the labyrinth with its geometrical signs is thought to be brought to Rome and to Britannia. From Britannia a set of the signs might have reached Scandinavia and there evolved into the Runes. This set of geometrical signs explains the order of the Runes inthe Futhark.


Main actors in the scenario are Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt and Roman Emperor Claudius.

ISBN 9789189825321

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